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daily lichess puzzle


neural niche

novel ideas for generative neural networks including:

  • using generative neural nets in keras to create ‘on-the-fly’ dialogue
  • dockerfile for tensorflow 0.7 with python3 on gpu
  • basics of setting up a containerized telegram bot
  • How to Denoise Images with Neural Networks

    Simple Transfer Learning Tutorial

    iMessage dashboard visualization

    interactive visualization tool for iMessage built using dc.js and crossfilter

    kaggle bike project

    old exploration and ipynb of a kaggle competition
    Bike Notebook

    old classwork:

    appm 4390

    final project: recreation of mathematical model in matlab incorporating random numbers, stochastic simulations and population carrying capacity
    Stochastic Modeling Of Pseudomonos Syringae Growth

    also did a small comparison and demonstration of neural networks: link

    econ 4838:

    heston model explained: heston model pdf


    go guide

    my explorations and usage of golang

    notes on doing trivial python things

    some simple python things i want to keep in a unified place online

    useless sites:

    note: none of these are actually my sites anymore, were free domains i previously had used