useless sites i started and had something on at one point

note: none of these are actually my sites anymore, were free domains i previously had used

trivial python notes

I have no idea how relevant these are anymore

installing xgboost on python3

xgboost doesn’t install through pip for python3 by default. i always seem to forget this, and have no interest in using graphlab create properties (and a lot of kaggle scripts are written explicitly with xgboost in mind) and i try to keep it isolated to virtualenv’s so i sometimes forget what the process is

the best way to install is create virtualenv and project folder:

git clone --recursive
cd xgboost
cd python-package
pip3 install -e .

using pandas to change object feature columns to numerical category columns

useful for multiple reasons (i.e. save visual space when viewing, lots of category data is indecipherable, MOSTLY for using sklearn features and not having to dummy variables which can get extremely computationally expensive)

another reason why cat is better than object dtypes for pandas

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv() # or whatever
for x in df.dtypes[df.dtypes == 'object'].index:
    df[x] = (df[x].astype('category'))

go guide

All of this was useless/outdated when (wrote in 2014 or something, its almost 2018 now), so just deleted

domain DNS/TXT

in domain advanced dns settings, only requires:

- A @ (gitlab IP)
- TXT @ gitlab-pages-verification-code=

transferring resume to latex