go guide/experience


although it is possible to install with brew via
brew install go
i kept getting problems with GOPATH, godocs and while using sublimetext, so if you can get these all to work then by all means go with that. otherwise i would suggest using the official installer at golang install

settings and tutorials

i set a few simple environment variables like GOPATH and GOCODE that is advised in the official documentation. from here i followed some simple tutorials including: http://www.golang-book.com/
https://gobyexample.com/ http://dave.cheney.net/resources-for-new-go-programmers


from here i thought my handle on go was good enough to try a bit more. i searched around for projects that i could easily do that would actually be useful and considering golang is so new, it is not hard to find libraries that may be implemented in python or c++ but not go.